Artist Statement

I have been an artist all my life. I grew up in a family in which both my mother and grandmother were painters, so it was quite natural for me to study painting in college and see myself as a painter. During my thirties, while teaching art and raising two young children, I was asked to teach a high school ceramics class and began a new adventure in clay as well.

Working in two spontaneous, wet media – watercolor and clay – and most recently in acrylics, I like to search for the essence of things, whether it is in a small animal or a landscape. With watercolor, I soak 300 lb. Arches paper with water, letting the color speak to me as abstract shapes take form. Often a landscape emerges or a simple rock form, which I hint at definition by drawing a few lines with the brush. I seek to strip away non-essentials and express the simple beauty I find in a bold way.

When I work in clay or paint, I try and feel the gesture of the form, drawing or shaping it without excess. When I struggle with it, it loses life. When I allow it, the piece speaks to me, and intuitively I see a fresh design more exciting than one I may have planned in advance. Bouncing ideas off each other in these different media in a playful way becomes an interplay that reveals the landscape of my mind.


A Fine Arts major at Connecticut College, I began teaching art in Pleasantville, NY, in 1973 and became Art Department Chair K-12 in 1985, teaching ceramics, drawing and painting, and Advanced Placement Studio Art. Retiring in 1995, I joined the Clay Art Center to intensify my study of pottery and fell in love with sculpture, primarily creating figures from life and animals inspired by Asian art and the art of ancient cultures. I continued painting and taught an adult watercolor class at the Ridgefield Continuing Education program until this year when I began teaching at my home and studio. I also love teaching “Clay with Sally” to young children at our Boys & Girls Club in town.

I served as president of the Katonah Museum Artists Association for six years and continue to write its newsletter. I also work for the Hammond Museum’s exhibition committee. My work is exhibited in galleries in New York and Connecticut.

Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries.